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Your handwoven hat is an individual piece of craftsmanship and an item that can be enjoyed for many years, so try to treat and store it with care.

Storing your hat

  • Storing your hat inside a hat box will help to ensure that you can enjoy your hat for a reasonable length of time, and help to prevent damage to its structure and colour.

  • Straw hats are best stored away from direct sunlight.

Treating your hat with care

  • Do not fold your hat, because it will damage the shape of the hat and crack the straw.

  • Exercise care when taking off the hat and avoid pinching the crown.

  • When removing your hat, place the hat facing up (crown down) on a flat surface to avoid damaging the shape of the brim.

Cleaning your hat

  • You can clean your hat by using a clean damp cloth, or a wet wipe to remove any marks.

  • Wipe the hat gently, to avoid damaging the hat.

  • Use a soft bristle brush to lightly brush off and remove dust that has settled within the fibres. This will help you to maintain and preserve its natural appearance.

  • We do not recommend the use of any chemicals, powders, or any other cleaning agents.

Reshaping your hat 

  • Avoid wearing your hat in the rain because it is likely to lose its shape.

  • If your hat gets wet, dry it using a clean, absorbent cloth or sponge. Alternatively place your hat with the crown down and brim facing up and allow your hat to dry out naturally. Try to ensure you restore its original shape.                                                                           

  • If the crown of the hat loses its original shape, you can gently steam the hat and dry it gently using a hand dryer. Try to prevent excessive use of artificial heat because it may alter the colour of the fibres.

  • Should you feel the need to straighten the brim, place a cloth over the brim and use an iron at low heat temperature to carefully straighten the brim. The cloth will prevent the fibres from burning. 

Travelling with your hat

  • Pack your hat in a box before placing it into your luggage.

  • If you are travelling without a box, place the hat facing up (crown down) and fill the inside of the hat with smaller softer fabrics in order to fill out the crown (without filling it too much and distorting its shape) whilst ensuring the brim sits flat. Wrap several items of long clothing around the hat to ensure your hat is well protected.


  • Your handmade piece of jewellery is an individual piece of craftsmanship and an item that can be enjoyed for many years, so try to treat and store it with care.


  • After each use gently wipe your jewellery with a soft cloth and store it in the original ORTUS jewellery box or dust bag.


  • Always protect it from sharp objects, scratching and chemicals. Keep away from humidity and store in a dark, cool and dry place.


  • Avoid contact with elements such as water, makeup, detergents, chlorine bleach, hairspray and perfume which can cause damage and discolouration.     

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