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Ortus is a London-based contemporary lifestyle fashion accessories brand, founded by Tanya and Jennifer, two childhood best friends. 


Jennifer's grandmother was a Colombian hat-weaver. They were not only inspired by artisanal craftsmanship, but their decisions were also influenced by the fact that this wonderful traditional craft was no longer being passed from generation to generation in the way it had been for centuries.  The dynamic duo wanted to revive the craftsmanship, so they developed their brand, Ortus.

The London-born co-founders celebrate and reflect their rich, exotic Latino and Caribbean culture through their products. A strong African influence also pervades their art form.

Their collection of finely handwoven hats for men and women and women's handmade jewellery are designed in London and handmade in Colombia, with an artisanal concept yet modern approach and eye-catching design aesthetic.

Ortus is for the fashion-forward thinkers who appreciate that accessorises are a wearable art. Their customers are bold, daring, and confidently play with patterns and colours. 

Materials are sourced locally and they work with skilled Colombian artisans. The long term goal is to create a new dynamic for Colombian and African-based artisans, and to foster the economic and social development of the artisans they work with.


The brand is the artistic manifestation of a bold vision and will continue to innovate and develop in its quest for full artistic expressions. 

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